Slaughterhouse Aleppo

The butcher from Damascus, Assad, and his master, Stalin’s ghost, Putin, are putting
the boot into Aleppo big time.War crimes on prime time tv. Intentional and malicious
bombing of hospitals,civilians, women and children etc for everybody to see.How
brazen can you be ?
And the Syrian ambassador, when asked about this at the UN, laughing it off.
A bad nightmare? No, bloody reality!
What kind of man can instigate all this ? only a monster in human disguise.

Mind you,Putin and Assad are not the only war criminals, there are others as well.
Erdogan,Hezbollah, the Iranian militias and Saudi supported IS etc are not far of the
mark. However, without Putin Assad would be gone , the conflict would be a lot smaller
and only regional not international and no “refugees-economical migrants”would be
flooding and destabilizing western Europe.

So why isn’t anybody doing something about this ??? They are tiptoeing around Putin
who is trying hard to start WW III.And the UN is about the most useless paper tiger
you have ever seen, to say it mildly.With the biggest bullies on earth, China and
Russia being permanent members of it, what do you expect ?

It all boils down to a way of thinking,namely greed for power.This is like a mental
disease or virus that is very contagious, just look at the UN.A lot of its members
are infected by it. And greed for power is always destructive.

So is there a way around this ? Imagine you would be able to change the thinking of
Putin, Assad and the likes just a little bit.

There are people who are , to some degree, able to do this.They are called psychics
and some of them have amazing mental powers. The problem is to convince them to get
involved. A virtual tour of Aleppo might do the job.
If you know any of them, ask them to get involved and put their money where their
mouth is.

If you can convince some of them to get involved it could just make a difference.

good luck

the Kooka