The middle east crisis :The Gaza conflict

This latest Israel-Gaza conflict was triggered by the murder of 3 Israeli teenagers on the West-Bank, and from there on it spiralled into a fully blown conflict. There are multiple reasons for the underlying tensions in this region, but in the end the solution hast o be negotiated.
Until 1991 the Palestinians under Arafat got most of what they wanted from Israel by negotiation , except Jerusalem.Then they made a cardinal mistake to side with a looser, Saddam Hussein. From there on it was downhill.
Today Hamas runs the Gaza strip and they don`t even acknowledge Israels right to exist.What do you expect with that attitude ? Do you seriously think, if the Israelis were to leave tomorrow, there would be peace in that region ? Do pigs fly ? for example : Hamas came to Government in Gaza by force and they don`realy get on with Fatah who is running the West-Bank. and if Hamas would be in Israel and the Israeli in Gaza, they would have driven them into the Mediterranean long ago without mercy.
They would not warn Israel of pending attacks so they can get civilians out of the way.
Right now, Hamas likes civilian casualties because the public images of hurt civilians trigger a lot of negative emotions in people and fan anti-Semitism worldwide. If you don`t want these casualties just stop firing those missiles. But emotional pictures and propaganda are a pretty effective weapon of Hamas. How low can you get ? Using human shields to protect your missiles and positions and then using the unavoidable civilian casualties as a propaganda tool has to be the pits of human behaviour !!

But don`t get me wrong, the Israelis have not exactly been sunday schoolboys either, there are land issues to be solved and the 2 basic laws that guarantee a never-ending conflict :
blood revenge and collective punishment.
They are practised by everybody down there and until that changes, no lasting peace will ever eventuate.

So which way to go, to go somewhere ? international pressure on Hamas to stop their rocket attacks will be a good starting point.Since Gaza only survives with the help of external support, this would not be too hard to achieve as long as the political will is there. At the same time the Israelis will have to be brought tot he negotiating table which would probably not be to hard since they want peace more than Hamas.
An acknowledgement of Israels right to exist by Hamas would be a good starting point for any further negotiations.

War starts in the mind of man , so does peace. The ever-increasing suffering of the civilians of that region should be reason enough for the international community to force this issue with economical means.
Emotionally charged antisemitism is definitely not the answer, it will make things worse and solve nothing.

There is another worrying aspect of this conflict : Hamas is somewhat affiliated with Hezbollah,a defacto part of the Lebanese government and is supplied by Iran via Syria and the Assad regime which is backed by Russia.
Like in the Ukraine,the undercurrent here is one of a superpower confrontation.

i hope this gets a few people thinking,
have a nice day,
the Kookabarra

MH 17 and its significance for Australia

MH 17 and its significance for Australia

As the story of MH17 unfolds, a few things take centre stage : it was shot down by a sophisticated surface to air missile, most likely supplied by Russia,over a defacto Russian-controlled area of Ukraine. Without Russian interference in Ukraine, this would not have happened.
secondly, an obvious refusal to unrestricted access for an international team of crash investigators and salvage teams, as well as sloppy procedures like not securing the crash zone as well as possible looting and the poor handling of the deceased.
A total lack of cooperation from the Russian-controlled side underlines their culpability in this scenario.If they got nothing to hide, why all this obstruction?? it rakes of old style Soviet behavior and is squarely Putin’s responsibility. He is obviously flexing his muscles.

So, why is he West pussyfooting around the whole Ukraine issue, including the MH17 scenario ? Why aren`t they putting Putin out in the cold, where he belongs ? first of all, there is a substantial resource dependency of many east and west European countries on Russia as well as trade deals. You see, Putin couldn`t care less , if Russia goes back to the dark ages, they `ll get used to it. He is a KGB man and only interested in his own power, and by stuffing around Europe he thinks he is proving his power.
secondly Europe will need some backing of the USA for effective sanctions as well as resource security.However, somewhat strained relations with the US, caused by their recent spying on their allies does not help this process. Further more there are other trouble spots in the world that need some US-Russian cooperation : ISIS in Iraq, the Syria conflict,the Gaza conflict,the braking up of Lybia. So Putin knows, he does not have to cooperate in Ukraine because the West needs him in dealing with other trouble spots. So, all up a pretty messy situation and this is the reason for the slow progress.

So what can Australia do to make a difference ? Australia could quite easily guaranty all the European countries who are dependent on Russia for their resources, resource security by supplying them with Australian gas, oil and whatever they need.It would reduce one of Putin’s pressure points significantly.It would give them some independence from one of the bullies on earth as well as reducing our own dependency on another bully, China. A win-win situation , which would be appreciated by the Europeans as well as many Australians.

The underlying current here is that of a superpower confrontation and you don`t solve that by appeasing a bully like Russia.

So come on Tony, rise and shine !!!